Alanya, Antalya for the holidays is one of the most preferred holiday region. Not only for its natural beauty, eyes filled with historical buildings in Alanya There are many places to visit.

If you have a holiday in Alanya is very different from a classic vacation can spend your time. We have prepared for you are one of those vacationers who love to ride Things to Do in Alanya browse our list of must.

Alanya Castle: The castle, which has become the symbol of Alanya Citadel of Alanya, is located in the center. Has a history of hundreds of years without visiting the castle of Alanya rotation.

Alara Castle: one of the most beautiful examples of Turkish architecture Alara Castle, Alanya-Antalya is located on the road.

Flies Castle: Located in the village of Eliseu with a spectacular view of this historic building. Every year thousands of tourists visit the castle flies navigate you to do.

Red Tower: Located in the center of Alanya Red Tower, one of the region's most magnificent buildings. Surviving from the 1200s tower with a height of 33 meters and today has become one of the symbols of Alanya.

Alanya Museum: Greeks, Romans, Byzantines Lydians and the rest of civilization, especially since many of the works were exhibited in Alanya Museum is home to the world-famous statue of Herakles doing. Museum consists of 2 parts, including archeology and ethnology.

Ancient Cities: a history of thousands of years of rising above the ancient city of Alanya's many. The most important of these Iotape, the ancient city of Selinus, Syedra Hamaksi the ancient city and the ancient city. This can visit the ancient city of Alanya in and you can go on a journey.

Sapadere Canyon: Alanya with natural beauty has to be seen in many places. Sapadere Canyon one of these beauties. Sapadere canyon located in the village 750 m long and 400 m deep in places. Sapadere Canyon, located in the center of Alanya is 40 km away.

Caves: Alanya, is also home to the world famous caves are doing. Stalactite cave, Dim Cave, Cave and Lovers Cave Çimeniçi in Alanya magnificient places that we recommend you visit.

Beaches: The Mediterranean's most vibrant tourist center of Alanya, located right in the city center and miles of beaches with. 2 km long Blue Flag Cleopatra Beach, the world-famous and still blue flag Cleopatra Beach, thin sandy sakip Alanya East Beach, with calmness will give you tranquility Ulas Beach, in Alanya see that we recommend the beach is one of the.

Plateaus: a little bit away from the scorching heat of Alanya and Alanya lush vegetation springs you can visit if you want to get involved.